Where do ideas come from?

Ideas for writing can appear from anywhere. Whilst shopping in Tesco (other stores are available) the day after Valentines Day I noticed quite a few single red roses, reduced from their original price to 50p and now offered for 30p. This got me thinking about love, romance, expectations, dreams, reality over fantasy, and the words are now rolling round my head.

The poem isn’t written yet – so watch this space!

Exercises from creative writing session 01.12.16

Writer Jennie Bailey ran a session ‘Sound: Putting Noise Into Words’ for this month’s creative writing session. The hand out for the session is here Sound: Putting Noise into Words Handout and the supplementary material is here British Council 70 beautiful words from 2004.

Jennie has blogged about about this session in her reflections on her blog.

Have a go and do post your writing in the comments below!

The next session will be on Thursday 5th January, 2 – 4pm at Touchstones Arts & Heritage Centre and will be facilitated by Anthony Costello.