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Picture of Lady Lying by Mark Hales from Jennie Bailey Workshop 1st July 2021

Picture of lady lying


Are the roses in bloom? I am so tired

you work us so hard

Go cut me some roses,

we are so tired

I cannot go I’m stuck on the couch


The view through the window raise me high so I can see

no more we are too tired

you aren’t very caring, you hated me

we don’t hate you, but you work us too hard


If I get up I will fire you

there will be no job no money,

no food on your table

all you need do is pick some roses


© Mark Hales 1st July 2021


You Look Like Me Only Older by Mark Hales from Jennie Bailey’s Workshop 1st July 2021




You look like me, only older.


You are me?


That’s surreal




So what happened after 1st of July 2021? Is there anything you would have done differently?


There is? What is that?


You wouldn’t have killed your wife? This is Jenny?


You mean I kill my wife!!!!!!




Because she’s having an affair with Roger.


Roger Williams?


My best friend?


When did that start?


1st of July 2021, they met at the supermarket, in the evening, I was working late, interviewing a client, it just started from there,




In the back of Jenny’s car


I bought her that car last week, plenty of room in the back for kids and shopping, not entertaining her lover.


What time did they meet?


About 7pm?


It’s 6:30pm now, if I leave now I can get to the supermarket and stop it starting.


I can’t do that.


Why not?


I can’t interfere with time? The first rule of time travel, I must leave the world as I found it, there’s no knowing the havoc I will cause by stopping the inevitable.


Amanda? Rogers wife? Why?


We had an affair? We killed him, you mean Roger as well as Jenny? You say they didn’t suffer, much.


Amanda, now there’s a good looking woman, when did the affair start? On 24th of August, Amanda caught Roger and Jenny in an embrace earlier that week and she told me.


Well now you have told me about Amanda, I don’t think I’ll go to the supermarket.


How long does the affair with Amanda last? Two years?


Then we plan to kill, Roger and Jenny and run away together?


What went wrong?


Nothing, you said you would not kill Jenny if you had you time again, I assume you got caught.


No you didn’t get caught. You live with Amanda?


You do but she’s not Jenny, Jenny anticipated everything, Amanda does not.


You mean you killed the thing you love?


Then I am doomed.


© Mark Hales 1st July 2021