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New Poets Highlighted at World Premier

Castleton Literary and Scientific Society Hosted the world premier of Pulling Threads’ latest oeuvre “Steampunk or Abandon Soap All Ye Who Enter Here.

What was really pleasing for “Threads” was that it featured the work of two of our newer members, Julie Woodrup and Denise Greenall. Their work was vital to the freshness and vibrancy of the performance, adding new voices to the established team of writers.

Julie Woodrup                  Denise Greenall

Julie Woodrup, Isolation Blues

Isolation Blues


Julie Woodrup


I needed to retire

And knew that I’d require

Something to keep me occupied and sane.

Trying crocheting and carving

Making sure we’re never starving

Baking, roasting, stewing, souping all in vain.

Cos all these plans flew by us

When appeared the Covid virus

To keep us isolated in our homes.

We’re doing nothing hasty

As our faces pale and pasty

Stare through windows at gaudy garden gnomes

and dream of bygone treats

such as toilet rolls and sweets

and bread and veg and other types of goods.

The shelves empty by the hour,

butter, sugar,milk and flour

by stock pilers not by Robin Hoods.

The age I could retire

Already changed to six years higher

and the virus as the biggest barrier yet

After working 50 years

I feel affected by a curse

Do I feel cheated of my freedom – Oh you bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!