Psychiatrist -v- Patient (or is it?) by Maureen Harrison

Psychiatrist -v- Patient (or is it?)


As John related his story to the psychiatrist a feeling of unease pervaded the room.


John described the moment he felt he had lost it –  the driving rain hammering against the windscreen accompanied by a howling gale when he had no idea where he was.   Ghostly shapes gathered around but he quickly realised these were trees but what were the lights shining in the distance?


He glanced at the rear window of the car and felt for sure somebody was watching him.   He accelerated but quickly realised his mistake as the car tyres slithered across a slurry of mud.    Heart pounding he attempted to get out of the vehicle but fear made him hesitate.   Luckily the car had righted itself and he was able to resume his journey.


To the psychiatrist it became apparent he knew this scenario.   As John continued to talk he let his mind wander to a similar experience.   He knew what came next!   But how?   He didn’t think he knew John so how could he know this story?


John went on with his tale.   He drove a little further and saw a white shape ahead.   What was it?


I know this thought the psychiatrist.   Go on with your story but I already know the ending.  If your story is my story what are you doing here talking to me about it?


The vision became only too clear.   The white shape materialised and a gunshot rang out.  John slumped in the driving seat.  The psychiatrist looked at the patient, then down at himself.   John was dead!   The psychiatrist closed his eyes.


His receptionist found him later that day.   Blood was pouring from his chest but what on earth had transpired?   The room, apart from the dead psychiatrist, was empty.   She checked around the room satisfying herself all was clear.   She dialled 999 and said “there has been a terrible accident.”  Only she knew what had transpired and she was saying absolutely nothing !!!


She heard the sirens and readied herself …………..


© Maureen Harrison/Touchstones Writing Group/1/7/2021

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