A columnist on Norm’s all across the arts page in The Rochdale Observer, Robin takes an eclectic approach to the arts, and likes to see Rochdale arts organisations working in collaboration. He has just collated his Edenfield Scrolls (some dusty documents he found) that seem to confirm that our local landscape was the real setting of many of The Bible’s more astounding stories. He has also had these self penned poems recorded on to cd by local dialect poet Sid Calderbank. Robin also runs Langley Writers.

The A to Z of Rod Broome.

A Lancashire lad, I was

Born before World War 2, with a

Cobbler for a


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Sally Anne Wilkinson is a former primary school teacher who has been ‘tinkering with  writing’ for a couple of years now, mainly with poetry and short fiction.

She found her first attempts at poetry were outside her comfort zone, but trying to express thoughts in pictures and concrete concepts taught her a lot about writing. Sally has been shortlisted a couple of times for poetry competitions and published twice. She is most proud of ‘All This is Yours’ in the Aesthetica Annual 2013. Having said that, she admits to being more comfortable with short fiction, but has  ‘a strong urge to start grappling with writing a novel one day very soon’…

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  • Imagination leads me
  • Emotions reflect me
  • Painting sketches me
  • Experiences change me
  • Real words describe me

I have been writing since about 1995, following a burglary at my home. But it wasn’t the burglary that prompted my writing; it was the fact that I’d just left my unfaithful husband and my emotions just took over. This caused my need to put pen to paper, or, these days, fingers to laptop; and not all of it is nice to read.

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