Val Chapman

  • Imagination leads me
  • Emotions reflect me
  • Painting sketches me
  • Experiences change me
  • Real words describe me

I have been writing since about 1995, following a burglary at my home. But it wasn’t the burglary that prompted my writing; it was the fact that I’d just left my unfaithful husband and my emotions just took over. This caused my need to put pen to paper, or, these days, fingers to laptop; and not all of it is nice to read.

My prompt for doing this was the realisation of the fact that, throughout the latter part of my life, I had felt a great need to ‘put into words’ my feelings about the experiences and traumas which I had often been subjected to. This writing, almost like a diary, I discovered to be most therapeutic, and not half as painful as visiting Relate!

So I tend to write about the people I know, or once knew, and how they lit up, or burnt down, my life. My words are, therefore, either heartfelt or out of my mind. And the hot blood that once coursed through my veins now gives me cold feet!

But don’t be put off! We’ve all had experiences much like mine, though perhaps not quite as many. And although my life experiences are nothing compared to those of my favourite writer and poet, Maya Angelou, they are still significant, and so are my words.