Sally Anne Wilkinson

Sally Anne Wilkinson is a former primary school teacher who has been ‘tinkering with  writing’ for a couple of years now, mainly with poetry and short fiction.

She found her first attempts at poetry were outside her comfort zone, but trying to express thoughts in pictures and concrete concepts taught her a lot about writing. Sally has been shortlisted a couple of times for poetry competitions and published twice. She is most proud of ‘All This is Yours’ in the Aesthetica Annual 2013. Having said that, she admits to being more comfortable with short fiction, but has  ‘a strong urge to start grappling with writing a novel one day very soon’…

I am a writer.

I write fact. I write fiction. I write poetry.

I write about me. I write about you.

I write about people I know. I write about people I don’t.

I write about nature. I write about birth. I write about death.

I write about places I’ve been. I write about places I’ve never seen.

I describe life. I describe the unique. I describe the mundane.

I show difference. I show similarity.

I see colour in the world. I see dark. I see light.

I see shape. I see cruelty. I see pity.

I see humour. I see love. I see hate.

I see kindness. I see pathos. I see pain.

I weave words.

I knit ideas.

I spin the real and imagined.

I tell truth.

I lie.

I remember.

I pass on memories.

I control.

I am a prophet.

I am the master of words.

I am the servant of words.

I use reality.

I use imagination.

I use rhythm. I use rhyme.

I use alliteration.

I use consonance.

I use assonance.

I use a computer.

I use a pen.

I use paper.

I use words.


I sit.

I think.

I scribble.

I write.


I am writing.

Writing is me.

I have been scribbling away for nearly three years. I am constantly amazed by the number of ideas I contain in my head, and wonder if the oddity and darkness of my imagination reflects my true nature.

You can find examples of my work on,  and