Rod Broome

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The A to Z of Rod Broome.

A Lancashire lad, I was

Born before World War 2, with a

Cobbler for a


Every member of my

Family loved me, even

Grandad Broome, who

Had a drink on most days of the week when

I was a young boy.

Junior school was tolerable but I

Know I was not a good scholar. I loved the outdoors –

Littleborough, and its surroundings, was my entire world.

My spirit was almost broken by two years of

National Service but I

Outlasted the

Pernicious regime. I

Qualified as a teacher on leaving the army.

Romance soon followed and I married a girl called Anita

Stanley. We have now been wed for 52 years.

To tell the truth, I began to write to compensate for

Unsuitable material available for School Assemblies.

Very soon, I discovered I enjoyed the creative process and

Was fortunate in having several children’s books published.

Xboxes and Playstations leave me cold, but thankfully some

Young people still enjoy reading.

Zzzzz…. Sorry! Nowadays I fall asleep at the drop of a hat!