Pamela Ashton

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I, Scribble
Catapulted from the planet Silica, faster than the speed of light, I emerge.

I am Scribble, a belly wriggling invertebrate, spherical shaped, a single grain of sand encased in jelloid, with a minute proboscis. Circling the stratosphere, spiraling silently, bouncing and mingling around heavenly galaxies. Wild and free.

My mission was to connect with humanoid civilisation on planet earth. Trying to establish if they, like myself and other inhabitants of Silica, have become masters of the written word. Wandering and wondering which subjects would be included in earthling scribblers.

Silicon civilisation had never encountered humanoids, but my intelligent probe had sensed through my electroid currents, they would include anything and everything in their written words. No subject would be taboo or excluded.

I, being evolutionary restricted, had surmised that a humanoids thought process, could possibly encompass, love, hate, smell, touch, taste. All these words in my miniscule form were alien concepts.

Years passed (my wilderness years) until I detected heat, light, growth and movement. My radar showed a very sophisticated planet, part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Instinctive antenna guided me to a splash crash landing in a deserted area.

Nothingness awaited my arrival. My jelloid exterior exploded, I burrowed into a fissure in the hard core of a strange landscape. Immediately, energy from the white hot core of planet earth, fuelled a new dimension in my understanding, that ignited and crystalised my diminutive appearance.

I had tuned into the brains of geographers and geologists, who claimed to have knowledge about how there own planet was formed. Overturning their theory, I knew I had to inhabit and colonise a major part of my new found world. What a marvellous exciting future. I was free to explore and experience new lands.

Multiplying my one cell at an alarming speed, we the new colonisers began our earth journey. Having been separate grain like items, we soon discovered if we bonded together we could form layer upon layer of sediment and cover a large part of the globe. Skirting and edging a liquid salty substance that earthlings called oceans.

We moved and shifted en masse, smashed into rocks by strong savage waves affecting the ebb and flow of tides. Accumulated grains become sweeping sandy shorelines, creating exquisite breathtaking beauty on earth. Alternatively we became huge wide expanses of scorching hot sun bleached deserts.

We the tiny crystal invaders can achieve so many different functions. Trampled upon, wet or dry, shovelled, mixed and crushed, trickle and scratch.

Become a sand castle. Together we also have the ability to create pain and horror, suffocating and blinding people. Walkers leave footprints and imprints of ancient civilisations. Creatures burrow and tunnel beneath our surface, crumbling our particles. Twisting, turning, and churning into a terrifying tornado, wild winds blow and carry us in the direction of time.

Starting my lone journey, it is incredible that millions of grains of sand have become such an integral and important part of your wondrous earth star. But I, Scribble, the first single grain of sand sent from Silica, came and conquered. I inveigled your brain, travelled through your veins on the platelets of your life giving blood. Trickling and dribbling down your arms, through the palm of your hands to become stuck to your fingertips. These written words would not have been possible without me. I have enabled human individuals to become alphabetic masters of their own written words.