Kathryn Wroe

I Love My Life

I am 33 years old and was born with Down’s Syndrome.

I have two sisters called Jane and Liz, my stepdad John and my Mum who is very special to us. We have two cats, Millie and Ellie, who are 15 years old.

At weekends, I often stay at my Grandma’s where we have lots of fun. She has all the time in the world for me. When I was younger we used to go to our caravan at Settle. We had lovely times. I rode my red bike but Grandma used to follow me to check I didn’t fall off.

When my lovely Grandad was alive, we used to go picking mushrooms – safe ones – for our tea. We also picked blackberries and Grandma made pies which we had after tea with custard.

When Grandma was 70 – she is now 88 – she used to go to a Gym. While she was out Grandad would gather up tins of food he’d hidden from Grandma. When she came back she would say, “Something smells good.” We loved surprising her. We would have salmon, tinned fruit and chocolate which we ate as a picnic.

We all went to Minorca on holiday and went on a boat, this man gave everyone a glass of wine. We all joined in the singing. There was a man fishing. We went back to the Hotel and got ready and had meals with friends we had met.

We have the best Auntie Val and Uncle Allan. They take us to lots of different places and we have fun days out. Sometimes, me and Uncle Allan go out on our own – to the cinema or for a meal.

I have got nice friends and we talk together . I go to work at Wardle Playgroup three mornings a week. I love the little ones and my work friends . I also go dancing at JD studio and learn lots of dances . I go to All Stars Drama Group and to Touchstones Writing Group. Norman is lovely with me. I go to a disco and have lots of different friends.

I like watching TV in my room and reading my books. I like to write too. I love doing Word Search. On horrible, wet days me and Mum have what we call ‘Sugar All Days’ when we do nothing. Other days we go to the theatre or the cinema at Hebden Bridge. That is a lovely place.

I have just been in Manchester Royal Infirmary and put on some new medication. It cost a lot of money but should help my poorly heart and lungs. Everyone tells me it is money well spent.

Now you know why I love my life.