Carol Keys

I have been writing for most of my life. As a kid, I used to make my own little books and write my own words in them. When my children were young I used to keep journals as reflective diaries, and write my own stories for reading to them at bedtime. In quiet times like when any babies were asleep, older children at school and husband at work, I would sit and compose my stories for the children, or fill in my journal, which helped me to organise my thoughts and ideas, enabling me to reflect on my experiences.

In 2007 I became part of a writing group run by Cartwheel Arts. Since joining, and as a member of TCWG, my confidence has grown tremendously, I have learnt to write poetry and I’ve been able to share my work with other like-minded people. I have also been published and have performed at open mic sessions.

I find inspiration everywhere. There is always something to write about, whether it be in a journal, writing exercises or prompts or just shopping lists. Words have been a big part of my life and always will be.