I am

I am strong, but I am also weak
I shout, even though I whisper
I am silent, even though I rage inside
I am tearful, even when I am joyful
I cry, even though I am happy
I am happy yet also sad
I am confused even when I understand
I am confident although I am trembling
I shiver, even though I am warm
I am scared, though I know I have nothing to fear
I am grieving, even though you are living
I am living, but I am dead inside
I look, even though my eyes are closed
I see, even though I am blinded
I am loving you, even while I hate you
I am sorry, though I have no regrets
I miss you ,even though you’re here in my head
I am winning, even though I lost
I am me
Without you

June 2006 
Val J Chapman

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