Focus on our members: Gerry Fitton

After our session on sonnets, Gerry has written two cheeky pieces inspired by New Year resolutions!

New Year’s Resolution revisited

My friends will go for exercise;
The treadmill and the weights await.
No more they’ll snooze until quite late –
Oh no, they’ll greet the sunrise!

And some will hail the salad bowl;
The cucumber and radish, on healthy seed
And leafy greens and tofu will they feed,
Nor will they heed the way their tummies growl.

Now, as for me, the sofa gently beckons;
A stack of books, unread and tantalising…
Forget the gym, no matter what your guru reckons!
I’d rather spend the time in endless fantasising
For resolutions, I have found, do not have staying power…
But reading on the sofa? I can do it by the hour.

New Year’s Resolution Homework

Grey drizzles at my window, no visit cheers the day
Dull boring trees hide every silent bird
No butterflies dance by, no humming bees are heard
More of the same tomorrow, no one will come my way

Off-hand and short the e-mail: ‘Guess you are okay?’
My tired family won’t waste the extra word
Unless, unhappily, a bad thing has occurred…
It cannot be denied; a long time until May

Oh, SOMETHING must be done!
I won’t slump and be dull
Too many days have gone

A New Year’s Resolution, that’s the thing!
With virtuous striving my days will be full
And if I fail…I will indulge in one wild fling!
OR (slightly more combative)
A New Year’s Resolution! I shall fight, alone!
Of ceaseless striving my days will be full
And if I fail, I shall with braver deeds atone.

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