Dear Life by Val J Chapman


Dear Life


I awoke slowly today, carefully.

Yesterday still owned me.


I have sailed through my life

And all its choppy waters, rough.

Sinking sometimes, gasping breathlessly at others.


Love was always around, in all its many guises.

Sometimes it danced; sometimes it kicked,

And sometimes it left.


Left me, still loving, yet empty.

And the clock ticked, its fingers circling rapidly.


Until death touched me, sharply.


And the years ticked again, loudly.

Speaking to me then as friends.


Dear Life, you taught me severely.


Yet now I feel the peace, coming almost full circle, with love.


Complete, satiated.


And I heard what you taught me, with thanks.




© October 2021                                                                                                 Val J Chapman

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One thought on “Dear Life by Val J Chapman

  1. This poetry came out of a workshop facilitated by Anthony Costello, sadly his last with us. We have really enjoyed working with Anthony over the years and he has promised to visit us as a participant when he can

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