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Dear Bernard

Dear Bernard,
I trust you are well, dear brother, and looking forward to meeting up with us once more in a few weeks’ time. However, although your visit is now imminent, I felt I had to write to you beforehand to make you aware of a few developments which have taken place over here in Adelaide since we last saw you.
The last time you came over, I felt that you bonded really well with Otis, who was still only five at the time, moreso than with Poppy, who was then seven (you were always a man’s man). However, since that time we gradually became aware that Otis had become a little subdued and withdrawn, far more than was normal for him; he had always been a very sociable and outgoing little boy, as you know. We also noticed that he began to play with Poppy’s dolls quite a lot, instead of his own football or Lego. And even more lately, he has really taken an interest in clothes and dressing up, particularly in wigs.

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Snake Eyes

There is no sadder, yet strangely more satisfying in sight, than the gambler on a winning streak. You know, and he knows, it’s time to call it a day and pocket his winnings. Instead he insists on one final roll of the dice, and hurls them with a flourish. They hit the back wall and come to rest, grinning at him with two ones; snake eyes, and all is lost. We smile, secretly.

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