You Are Covid19, Isolation, Katie Haigh


You are Covid19


You wanted to see the world,

Make friends along the way.

Instead everyone runs from you,

Trying to keep you at bay.


You spread yourself out wide,

As generous as can be.

We all reacted with fear,

Even though you, we can not see.


You see you’re a killer,

Silent and deadly as can be.

You’ve infected lots of people,

On your unintentional murder spree.


Your leaving carnage in your wake,

We ask you please just go.

So the death toll will stop rising,

We want your spread to slow.


If you choose to stay,

We will have to inoculate you.

Then you’ll die away,

It’s what we have to do.


You came for adventure,

For friendship and more.

Yet you left us broken,

That we can’t ignore.


By Katie Haigh



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