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The Gunner by Eileen Earnshaw


The Gunner.


Below, the terrain, an intricate pattern

Square on square to the distant hills.

latitude, longitude, marked on a graph

a mint new morning in a sun blessed land.


A red dot indicates target locked on.

White noise and a steadying hum,

below, a wild and wanton flowering

eats the air and vomits smoke.


A target reached, a bomb released

duty to queen and country done

the gunner moves his index finger

a red dot indicates target locked on.



© Eileen Earnshaw     2020.

The Anonymity of War by Dotty


She never sees the hand that guided it

She only hears the whining noise

She only feels the fear

She only smells the burning

She only tastes the bitter, acrid smoke

She only touches the heaps of rubble

Yet these are not just the  remains of houses, streets

Men , women, children

They spell  the loss of a community

Gone in a blinding flash

Leaving her  numb

And inside she screams at the futility of it all.

© Dotty November 2020