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Bommy Poems and Prose, November 5th 2020, Firework Reminiscences by Robin Parker

Our regular Zoom workshop replaces the physical meeting at Touchstones and takes place on the first Thursday of the month between 2-4. This month it fell on November 5th so we had to write about Guy Fawkes’ Night, Bonfire Night, call it what you will. What I loved about facilitating this session was the marvellous memories we all brought back, I’m sure there’s a book to be had from this!

Chairman Ray

Robin has sent in his piece for our enjoyment

Firework Reminiscences

I remember when the kids were young we lived in Edmund Street and had a concrete slab at the bottom of the garden, perfect both for a small bonfire and letting off fireworks. We invited locals round for the do and did jacket potatoes and sausages, though safely within the kitchen. I remember offering sausages to two of our neighbours girls, they refused gracefully, and then I realised my mistake. Their names were Riswana and Nasreen!! Whata misteka to make!

Bonfire night these days is not something we celebrate, nor do we feel inclined to go to a communal bonfire. After all, why should we when we can stay in the warm and watch other displays from our 11th floor window? Our nearest communal bonfire is usually at Sparth bottoms, where we can see the glow of the fire but also enjoy watching the fireworks go up from a safe and good visual distance. In terms of fireworks, though, nothing can beat New Year’s Eve for us. We regularly watch Jools Holland’s Hooten’anny and then, as the clock strikes 12, turn out all the lights and watch all the fireworks going up both near and afar with a glass of Cava in our hands. The display can sometimes go on for ten minutes. Magic!

C Robin Parker 2020

Autumn by Robin Parker

This beautiful piece from Robin came from TCWG first online workshop, hosted by Ray Stearn. The covid lockdown has meant that we look for other ways to meet and Zoom provided the opportunity here. This came from a ten minute exercise in  a very short 40 minute workshop





Life in its fruitfulness spawns

Berries of all colours,

Fronting still green leaves.


Mellow winds strengthen and

Miserable rain begins to fall.


Autumn augurs death of summer as

Leaves turned brown flutter down,

Becoming damp mush.


Bark of tree branches becomes

Starkly visible.

R Factor, Isolation, Robin Parker

R factor

(Original by Credence Clearwater Revival)


I see the R factor rising,

I see infections growing high;

Too early, too much socialising,

Thinking virus will pass them by.


Don’t go out tonight,

It’s bound to take your life,

C19 is on the rise.


I see the suicidal beaches,

‘gainst all the good advice they fly;

No one can tell which way it reaches,

No one can say who’s gonna die.


Don’t go out tonight,

It’s bound to take your life,

C19 is on the rise.


I see intensive care increasing,

I see more nurses under strain;

I see too many more deceasing,

Loved ones with awful grief and pain.


Don’t go out tonight,

It’s bound to take your life,

C19 is on the rise.


©Robin Parker


Star Wars, Episode IV – No Hope – Scene One, Isolation, Robin Parker


Episode IV – No Hope – Scene One


“Death Virus, only you could be so bold. HM Government are not stupid. When they hear you have attacked an exerciser…”

“Don’t act so surprised, you infector. You aren’t on any exercise mission this time. Several texts were sent to your mobile asking you to socialise. This is what happens to the plans they sent you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of a walking group committed to exercise two metres apart.”

“You are part of a social gathering and an infector. Take her to Intensive Care.”

©Robin Parker