Robin Parker, Isolation


Isolation Day 8
Lovingly gaze
From my window at
Supermarket car parks.
Aldi and ASDA.

Full of so much,
But not for me on
Three months
Confined to Barracks.

Mundane assumptive journeys
Become fond memories.

The pleasures of circulating
Busy aisles,
Searching for listed goods and
Then, joy,
That sudden, impulse buy!

Stared yesterday at
Queue of shoppers,
Trailing back along
Car Park aisles,
Waiting their turn.

What a drudge,
They probably feel but,
For me, enforced absence
From that trail
Emphasises solitude.

How to survive;
Exercise, yes, but
Not for me
Fresh air walk-outs, for
Seven Sisters
Do not offer
People free journeys.

So work through
Stock of CDs,
Moving with rhythm,
Legs and arms
Zumba style but
In personal,
Tolerable time with
Necessary breaks.

Today, Roxy classic;
“What’s her name,

© Robin Parker

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