October Workshop

Hi All,


Our next TCWG Creative Writing Workshop will again be held at 2pm at Touchstones Arts & Heritage Centre on the Esplanade, Rochdale, on Thursday, 7th October.


Anthony Costello will again be our facilitator but, unfortunately, for the very last time. His workshop will look at writing for life, or life writing. Please have a look at the attached biography to give you more idea, though he’s not telling us a lot, for whatever reason but, no doubt we will find out!


However, we know it will again be a fascinating workshop, so please do come along and enjoy it with us.


Best regards,


Val J Chapman


Touchstones Creative Writing Group

September Workshop with Seamus Kelly

Our September workshop will be held at Touchstones on Thursday 2nd September between two and four


Seamus is calling the workshop


The Vanity of  Small Differences


and it is based around the Grayson Perry exhibition currently at Touchstones.

you are all welcome to attend in person and we will also be Zooming the workshop at the same time. Secretary Val will send details of the Zoom log in later this week to all members. If you are not a member of TCWG but would like to join us via Zoom send me a message here

Ray Stearn, Chair, Touchstones Creative Writing Group

Free At Last – our first workshop live for oh so many months

July 1st 2021 saw us meet again at Touchstones for our first in-person workshop for over a year.

Jenni Bailey led us through “Cliffhangers” and what an excellent session it was. We had decided to move with the times and Zoom the workshop too. Jennie coped with this really well – especially as your chairman had only told her that morning about our intension to Zoom.

Some of the results of the afternoon can be seen here. Where you see two authors it was a story written in turn, the piece of paper handed over when Jennie commanded

Ray Stearn, Chair TCWG

July 2021 Workshop Details




Management Committee


presents its




at Touchstones Arts & Heritage Centre, The Esplanade, Rochdale OL16 1AQ,

on Thursday, 1st July, at 2pm,


facilitated by writer and storyteller,


Jennie Bailey


The subject of Jennie’s July 2021 workshop will be:

Living on the edge – writing a cliffhanger that keeps your reader wanting more.

Love it or loathe it, the mega bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown had people hooked with its twisty-turning plot and cliff-hangers. Cliff-hangers create an impact in storytelling and leave the reader thirsting for more. As Dan Brown himself puts it: “Leave the reader thinking, ‘All right, I’ll read just one more page….””

The Arabian Nights stories used them to keep listeners entertained. Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy swore by them to keep readers wanting to read more from instalments in magazines. And you can create effective cliff-hangers too There will be activities to give your stories punch and a cooperative writing session to get your writing living on the edge.

First actual physical workshop for over a year


Hi All,


Finally, we are able to hold our ACTUAL Workshop at Touchstones (our first since early last year). Most of you will know that we have, in the meantime, been holding Zoom workshops facilitated by our Chairman, Ray Stearn, throughout lockdowns. This will now be held in the Heritage Gallery.


Jennie Bailey will be our facilitator on Thursday, 1st July, at 2pm, and the details are attached. We have been informed by Touchstones that we are allowed up to 20 people attending, so we therefore need to operate a booking system. Therefore, if you are able to attend, please let Ray know a.s.a.p. so that he can book you a place. However, if you need to cancel, also please let him know so that your place can be offered to someone else.

Ray’s email address is barneydog70@hotmail.com


We sincerely hope you will be able to attend; it will be good to see everyone again, and we look forward to that.


Best regards,


Val J Chapman


Touchstones Creative Writing Group