New Year Revolutions, Val Chapman

New Year Revolutions


It was a starry night, midnight blue with a violet hue. I stared into the night sky, fascinated by the galaxies and the brightness of its stars. I was dreaming of being miles away and leaving all life’s problems behind, though I knew they would follow me, like a bloodhound on a trail.


If only I could reach those stars, sit upon the moon, like the chid in the image in my head. There, my problems would all disappear, or, even better, all be solved, never to revolve again.


But it was all a dream, a nightmare even, and I fell back to earth with a crash; back to real life with all its cares and scares. Here, my stars were dark and their sharpness pricked at my soul, scarring my heart. And there was no moonlight, nothing to brighten my day or lighten the load. If only my dreams could be real and I could sit upon the moon, be that child again, care-less, dreamless, gazing into that night sky, and knowing that I could go unnoticed by anyone in the real light of day.

Copyright Val Chapman 7th January 2021

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