Morning Chorus – Bird Banter by Lynn Meziani, Isolation, The Lighter Side


They form a line at the bottom of the street
Each one of them goes tweet-tweet-tweet
Our beautiful birds I introduce to you
What does it mean when they go “Coo-Coo”?
What are they saying – Perhaps they are praying?
Or are they saying hello, will we ever know?
Perhaps calling out for their mummy as the babies demand their
More birds are flying overhead
I wonder what they have just said?
The continuous tweet-tweet at every Meet
Maybe hello or good morning?
Or is it the sound of a dangerous warning!
The magpies appear on the scene – aren’t they mean?
The babies start squeaking and a scuffle is heard – feathers fly
high in the air – Oh no! they have killed a poor bird!!
It is so sad that they behave this way – wouldn’t you stop them if
you were a bird of prey?
They form their teams while we are still in our dreams
The crows line up ready for battle to begin
Their knives tucked away under their chin
The army of magpies are about to attack
And that means no going back!
The awful flutter in the gutter is their terrible game – what an
awful shame!
The little starlings try to flee, but are trapped in their nest in
the enormous tree
The crows fly by in gangs of six – Are they up to the same tricks?
Then there’s the noisy Wood Pigeons – they have their own religions
They meet in pairs at the bottom of the stairs – they peck on their
cheeks with their powerful beaks
And whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ear – but you wouldn’t
dare to go near!
The blackbirds with their beautiful wings take to the stage when the
leader sings
I lie awake and hear the morning chorus, but they would never bore
It is so fascinating to hear their chatter, but why does this really
These beautiful creatures fill our skies – Maybe they are humans in
They wake us up with their chit-chat tweeting and this forms part of
their daily meeting
It is all TOP SECRET so we won’t get an invite until maybe it is
They have now gone away until another day – HOMEWARD BOUND
but wouldn’t you agree it is one of the nicest sounds around?

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