Dave Espin

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An only child, born in Lincoln, I grew up preferring football and cricket to studying. Whilst good at maths, I found English utterly boring, especially the ‘set’ literature works. However, I must have absorbed something as, at 14, I obtained two English and one maths ‘O’ level.

In the sixth form, a friend lent me John Wyndham’s ‘Midwich Cuckoos’ which immediately drew me into science fiction. I finally got the message: books are more than just supports for wobbly tables!

At work, I’ve had to explain complex concepts in a manner that others can readily assimilate. The preparation of dozens of seminars, training courses, technical manuals, articles commissioned by leading financial services journals plus countless sales and marketing materials have taught me that words need to be chosen with precision. To do so successfully requires careful preparation and studious revision.

Three years ago, I decided to turn my hand to writing fiction, something I’d not done since composing an assigned essay for English homework, ‘Ten Minutes Late’. I wrote about a guy who was late for his own funeral and, to my surprise and delight, it made the end-of-year school magazine and remains my only published work of fiction – so far!

I don’t enjoy reading flowery prose so I tend to use more dialogue-based text as I write. Where others can express emotion with apparent ease, I find this difficult so instead I tend to substitute humour (consequently I don’t anticipate receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature any time soon).