Andrea Sarginson

I have always enjoyed writing but was put off doing it creatively in the past by needing to re-write each piece at least 3 times in order to get the basics correct; the grammar, spelling etc. It made my hands ache, to say nothing of my head! Then along came PC’s. This changed everything for me. To be able to type out what was in my mind without worrying about how it appeared on paper was wonderful! Of course, corrections and re-writing still had to be done but at a later time and even then, were not the chores they had been.

The spur that really started me on the road to creative writing was my mother’s illness about seven years ago. I started to write in an effort to get things in perspective. I find that much writing is about exactly that; understanding a situation. Now, I base my writing mainly around my life experiences in art, spirituality and healing and expand on them. To sit at the computer and let my imagination wander into another situation or place, or even a different time, is exciting.