May Day by Michelle Leigh

May Day


  She thought he’d really loved her

   In her heart a light had shone

But sadly not the case to be,

   for soon she’d learnt he’d gone.

She thought what did I do so wrong

 Oh my, what a mistake!

My friends were right  all along

 I should’ve stayed home eating cake.

The tears they flowed upon her

   whatever they would say

She felt that she was drowning

  And could only whisper ‘Help, May Day!’.

But life will soon get better

  as Winter turns to Spring

And May Day’s meaning changes

 to the good things life can bring.

So next time when you’re  floundering

  and don‘t know what to say,

Just stand up tall, be brave and sing

 out loud ‘Yay! It’s May Day!’


               Michelle Leigh


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