Marian Tonge, in memoriam

Marian Tonge passed away on 16th October 2019.

She was a stalwart member of TCWG and we wanted to commemorate her passing. What better way than to include here her own poem that was read at the funeral service.

Parting Memories

Your eyes are filled with hurt and pain,

I long to see them smile again

And wander with you through the woods;

We’d watch the burst of early buds

And see the bluebells carpet bloom,

Would hail the spring lamb’s frolic


To walk with you again the bower,

Where buttercups – the children’s flower –

In all their glory filled our eyes,

See kestrels soaring in the skies.

I know that on a day like this

The flowers still bloom with sun’s first kiss,

But at your bedside, all I see

Is suffering, pain and misery.

If only I could heal your pain,

If only we could smile again


Marian Tonge


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