Louise Bezyk, Isolation


I’m here in isolation,
No trains are at the station, destination is home,
And so I stay here alone.
It’s already been a week,
And still I’ve yet to freak,
Staying positive in my mind, Thankfully my health is being kind.
I look out of the window and all that I see,
Is the same old world staring right back at me, The news tells a different story,
The stats are rather gorey.
The infections rise day after day, Flatten the curve, it’s the only way! Stay at home, please don’t go out, This virus is bad I now have no doubt.
Isolation may sound terrifying,
But use it wisely it could feel gratifying,
Stay cosy at home, read a good book,
Start a new hobby or a meal you could cook.
Despite all the horrors a gift we’ve received,
Of time and peace so don’t be aggrieved,
Stay safe at home enjoy the right here! Right now! Do all the things this time will allow,
Think of your soul let’s make them sing,
With isolation this virus won’t win.

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