Katie Haigh, Isolation

Pandemic. In Isolation

I’m scared,
I’m worried,
My anxieties peaked.
I know it’s for the best,
‘Keep Calm and Carry on’
I know some generations,
Have faced much worse.
It’s not like they’re sending us to war,
We only have to stay at home.

I’m chronically ill,
My mental health is at risk.
Breaking my routine,
So in chaos I have to live.
I’ve built a support network,
A routine that works for me.
Having rest when needed,
While still fulfilling social needs.

Social needs aren’t important right now,
I know that’s the truth.
But my mind is at war,
My nerves are on edge.
I want to be with my family and friends.
I desperately want to hold them tight.
I want to go to my writing groups,
Be a leader on Brownies nights.

I want my normality,
My everyday flow.
Yet I know it cannot be,
I have to stay at home.
Protecting vulnerable loved ones,
For them I worry everyday.
I know I am lucky.
At least I have family,
With whom I live.
I feel for those completely alone,
In isolation for months.
With no company,
Totally alone.
Only communication,
Through screen or phone.

The future is uncertain,
No one knows how long it’ll last.
We’ll have to try our best,
Get through the coming months.
I hope it ends soon,
Then we can go back to normal life.
But in the meantime,
Don’t panic and be kind.

By Katie Haigh
Copyright @KatieHaigh 18/03/2020

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