Isolation Versus Covid Frustration by Lynn Meziani


By Lynn Meziani

I sit surrounded by complete silence

I can hear every breath – the sound of life all around me

No humans in sight

Peace everywhere

No moving cars

No birds tweeting

No clouds drifting

No rain falling

No cats meowing

Dogs have lost their bark – they have even vanished from the park!

Maybe they will come out at night and give us an awful fright!

I pray they will not bite!

Suddenly out of nowhere

an invisible intruder arrives on our planet

with the sole intention of destroying anyone who comes into contact

with the enemy

Written in blood are the terms:-

  • Sneezing is an offence, without any recompense


  • If you touch a human or go too near this will cause you


immense fear of dying on the spot from this terrible grot

Food is scarce

Do not even think of finding soap

Oh Lord how will we cope?

Washing hands is now an obsession

for some poor souls it will be a huge regression

We are trapped in our “cells” – only breaking out to have a walk

but we are barely allowed to even talk

People pass by and give you the evil eye

but don’t dare go too near

for dreaded fear

of contaminating them with this mysterious disease

and that is not going to please!

So off we trot along with our hidden grot

walking away from all humans in sight

what a terrible plight!

When will this silence end?

maybe NEVER

but I pray this isolation will not last FOREVER

We follow the humdrum daily routine

of keeping our hands obsessively clean

remembering not to touch any part of our face

for fear of destroying the human race

We watch the News daily with great despair

Are we to undergo major repair?

to remove the evil germ which has invaded the human cell

and destroyed our antibodies and sent us to hell

I awake in silence and scrub my hands

which now resemble raw meat

and very soon we will be scrubbing our feet!

Bleach and Dettol are the new Chanel

but the aromas in the room remind you of hell!

My cupboards are spilling over with antibacterial potions

and highly toxic sprays and lotions

I wonder where the menace is now

while I wipe my weary brow?

Is it in the room with me?

I will investigate but will not invite it to tea!

Is it hiding in the sink?

Oh No what a terrible stink!

You cannot touch this unknown silent thing

for fear you will get a nasty sting!

It may get up your nose whilst you are asleep

or even invade your chest – this terrible mysterious PEST!

This continuing isolation is increasing our frustration

Who on earth gave this intruder the right?

to destroy our lives with our husbands and wives!

Skyping our dear ones has become the trend

But this is driving me round the bend!

I only see my daughter through a computer screen

which brings tears to my eyes as I wipe it clean

We are wearing masks to complete our tasks

gloves as well to cure the spell!

We could be doctors in disguise, but I do not think this is wise

What can we do to send it away?

I think the answer is to sit and pray

or even save it for a rainy day!


The silence is now loud,

and for that I am proud

Life has returned to its normal state

surely this is a twist of fate!

Dogs are now barking

and cars are now parking

I no longer have hands so raw

I can leave the surgical gloves in the drawer

I have a smile on my face instead of a frown

and I am looking forward to shopping in town.

My anxiety is less and that I bless

and so happy not to feel in a terrible mess.

Life is now normal and I am jumping for joy

and hope the deadly virus does not return to annoy!

Could I be dreaming – of this I am not sure

but let us hope they find a permanent cure!

I hope we can break this silence and awake from a bad dream

And celebrate with some strawberries and cream!


© Lynn Meziani May 2020

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