February Workshop

February’s creative writing workshop will be on the first Thursday of the month as usual.

loo forward to seeing you on Thursday 6th February at Touchstones, Rochdale, 2-4

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2 thoughts on “February Workshop

  1. I have wanted to attend Touchstones or one of the other Writing Groups in the Rochdale/Bury areas for quite a long time, but have not had any contact numbers. Rick Walker, Director of Cartwheel Arts very kindly emailed me with all the writing groups. I work in Rochdale, so it would be perfect to attend Touchstones, and I am hoping to attend on 6th February, 2020. I was really pleased when I went on your website and saw confirmation of the next group which will be meeting this week. I have previously left a comment, but have never received an email.
    Look forward to attending on 6th February, 2020. Kind regards

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