DIY Disasters, Mark Hales

DIY Disasters


It was just a nail, standing slightly proud,

It was an evening Christmas 1967,

we had guests from New York.

dad thought, better deal with the nail,

it may injure someone he thought.

So, he got a hammer and drove it home,

satisfied it was flush he put his tools away

and the evening got underway

After dinner six of us sat at the table

I asked if I could get down, it was boring grown-up stuff

Permission was given and as I went through the hall

I noticed water running down the newly papered wall,

I said something, they checked it wasn’t some childish prank.

Sadly no, it was true, what a mess, dad said I’ll turn the water off

No let’s save some water first,

so, every pot and pan were filled,

our cousins rallying to the cause

And when the pans were filled, the water was turned off.

A plumber was summoned and dad had to confess.

It was just a nail, standing slightly proud.


© Mark Hales 4th March 2021


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