Bommy Poems and Prose, November 5th 2020, The Catherine Wheel by Val J. Chapman


Our regular Zoom workshop replaces the physical meeting at Touchstones and takes place on the first Thursday of the month between 2-4. This month it fell on November 5th so we had to write about Guy Fawkes’ Night, Bonfire Night, call it what you will. What I loved about facilitating this session was the marvellous memories we all brought back, I’m sure there’s a book to be had from this!

Val sent in her poem for our enjoyment.

Chairman Ray

The Catherine Wheel


It flies and crackles with sparks and light

Its colours whirring and blending in flight

It’s a circular wheel with a central pin

And when it’s lit it will start to spin

Gaining momentum, it sparkles and flies

Sending sparks into space and light to the skies


© Val J. Chapman 5th November 2020

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