Autumn by Ray Stearn

This piece also came from TCWG first online workshop, hosted by me, Ray Stearn, Chair of TCWG. The covid lockdown has meant that we look for other ways to meet and Zoom provided the opportunity here. This came from a ten minute exercise in  a very short 40 minute workshop




In Spring there is life.

Summer this year

Was never under starter’s orders,

Damp, miserable wind and rain.

The trees were green

But rarely seen.

Colours of flowers helped

But Summer was a washout.


I love Autumn,

Season of mists and yellow fruitfulness,

Season of mellow crowdless cricket

My wicket

Fell first ball.


I gaze out

From my window

Wondering where the year has gone,

Where it will go.


A brown dog gives a bark

Leaves its mark

No skylark.


We wait for the last season of the year

For in Winter there is death


© Ray Stearn 3rd September 2020

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