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Busy Doing Nothing

As I write this, or, more accurately these days, type this, onto a screen, I am mindful that I have just celebrated my 58th birthday. A day out in Whitby with the family and fish and chips. The fish and chips were lunch, I should explain, not extra guests. Life is passing far too rapidly these days. It will not be too much longer before I have lived in Yorkshire longer than I lived in Kent, the county of my birth. I have worked in Lancashire for most of my working life, missionary work, of course, but moving North had never been part of my grand design, it just happened, I was busily doing nothing when life and the passage of time caught up with me and moved me along with not so much as a “Nothing to see here, move along now please!”

As I reflect on my life I realise that time has been accurate in her statement, too. There is nothing to see here, I have been busy doing nothing for the last 58 years. The best of it is, no one else has noticed my sham, I seem to have got away with it. Do you want to know the secret of my success? Simples! As a particular meerkat might put it. I have always been quite good at role play, I would say excellent but that would suggest I had practiced the art and had not been busy doing nothing all this time.

Even as a baby I could play the role of angelic younger brother to my two sisters, a role I still play to this very day. Of course my father dying when I was just six meant that I was presented with one role that was impossibly difficult to perfect. At that age hearing that “Daddy’s gone to live with Jesus!” simply left me thinking “OK, so when do I see him again?” I must admit this is one role I still struggle with over half a century later.

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