A Fishy Prose Poem, Ray Stearn


Love, A Fishy Prose Poem


When I first saw you I thought you were Brill

With your perfect, moist skin just out of the sea where you’d been swimming

I Floundered in the wake of your beauty

Dreaming that Salmon chanted evening you would come to me

Warm and comforting, steamy and hot

I Haddock feeling that you were a little distant

Like trawlers that pass in the night

I hoped you would be my Ray of sunshine

Skate over my imperfections, look deep into my Sole


I couldn’t Plaice the old Trout by your side

Surely not your mother? If I ever got to know you I might Winkle it out of you

Keep and Net you for myself without seeming Shellfish


I needed to think about that, Mullet over

”Kipper neye on the time,” I told myself, “But don’t rush things either”

Mind, I wasn’t Prawn yesterday, it might all be an act

Or you might be spoken for already, I shouldn’t Poach you

But thinking of your warm, light brown coat over you hot, white flesh

Got me Steamed up


The waiter approached

Large Cod , chips and mushy peas, bread and butter

He said

© Ray Stearn 10th February 2021

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